a nutcase

It is bike riding season again.  Finally!  After a long, long winter it is time to ride bikes to school.  I run. They ride.  Little Man isn't old enough to ride without an adult [school rule], so he is stuck with me.  I love it because I get a quick workout in and I don't have to deal with the car drop-off circle.

And you know, when you are riding bikes..... Safety first!
We recently found the best bike helmets ever.  They have totally fun graphics and an easy magnetic closure, which means no pinched skin.  Nutcase makes kid and adult helmets for every kind of activity you can think of. 

 {Big W wears a Little Nutty "Silver Fly"}

{Little Man rocks a Little Nutty "Superstar"}

On the back of all the helmets it reads: i love my brain.  How clever is that?  

Many bike stores to carry Nutcase helmets, but all of the styles are shown in the online store.  Check it out.  All of their helmets are really creative and fun. 

Happy riding!

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