mom says no.

Little Man got a new pair of kicks last week.  I think they are pretty cool.  He is not as pleased as I am.  Why not, you ask?  They don't light up.

He is desperate for shoes that light up when he walks.  The Stride Rite: Star Wars Captain Rex 2.0 would be his first choice.  The answer is, and always has been, no.  I am not sure when [or why] I decided no on light up shoes, but there is no caving on this one. 

Now that he is six, I thought the fascination would have diminished and he would be more interested in shoes that make him run faster, jump higher, or look cooler.  Nope.  He is not giving up on the dream, so the battle will continue in shoe department.  However, this round goes to me.

When it comes to your kids' clothes, what is one thing will most likely never say yes to?
[Because when it comes to kids- I have learned to never say never.]

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