in the kitchen-a weekly plan

Our week of meals.  I hope you can find at least one meal for your menu next week.  And yes, I may have a small obsession with quinoa.  You can always substitute rice in its place. 
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Meal 1 ::
Best-Ever Barbequed Ribs [sans the barbeque]
These really are amazing ribs on the grill.  We made them all summer.  Big W begged for ribs, but I wasn't about to step outside to the barbeque with the temp hovering around 45 degrees.  They are pretty delicious right out of the oven too.  [I used Rub with Love Smokey Barbeque Rub.]

Meal 2 ::
Spicy Chicken Sandwiches
These had a kick...in a good way.  My kids don't like "spicy", so I left a few pieces out of the marinade and made them plain chicken fingers with the tortilla chip crumbs.  It was an easy solution and we were all still eating the same meal!  [You could easily use breadcrumbs and bake the chicken as an alternative to pan frying.]

Meal 3::
Breakfast for dinner.  You choose.  We had french toast and chicken sausage.  Everyone loves breakfast for dinner in my house!

Meal 4::
Asian Fried Quinoa
I modified this recipe a bit.  I didn't have a lot of time for dicing and shredding veggies, so I used a package of shredded carrots, cabbage and broccoli from the produce section.  Tasted great, and saved a ton of time.

Meal 5::
Chicken and Dumplings {gluten free}
This recipe uses gluten free Bisquick.  The dumpling are light and fluffy, but you can use regular Bisquick and follow the directions on the box.  I used fresh carrots and celery [instead of a frozen mix] and a rotisserie chicken from the deli.  This was my husband's favorite meal of the week!

Bonus Meal::
Tinga Poblana Pulled Pork Tacos
 Our non traditional Easter dinner.  Delicious topped with slaw and guacamole.

Sweet Treat::
The best rice crispy treat you have every tasted.  Hands down.  Posted here if you missed it!
{salted brown butter crispy treats | recipe by smitten kitchen}


  1. Thanks for sharing the Tinga Poblana Tacos! You have a great selection of meals here...I'm ready for dinner! :)


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