opening day

Tonight is the home opener for the Seattle Mainers.  Both of my boys were lucky enough to be at home openers for their very first big league game.  I remember how excited we were to take each of them!  The games were not warm and it even snowed during Little Man's first game.  [Thank goodness for the rolling roof.] But we bundled up, packed the diaper bag, and bravely went to watch the M's. 

[Big W. '05]
 [Little Man. '07]

Outings, such as a ballgame, with wee ones was never easy.  [As you might have noticed Little Man was tiny and that is a bottle of breast milk I brought along with us.]  But now I can happily share with them the pictures and tell them the story of their first game.  

This coming Saturday they will both be suiting up for their first Little League games of the season.  From babies to little men....and we are along for the ride!  How lucky are we?

[team thomas.]

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