a homemade thankyou

I recently made a batch of cookies for my father-in-law as a thank you.  Wanting to transport them in a disposable container, I scrounged around in the closet.  [I do not have a craft room.  All my crafty supplies get shoved onto various shelves in the hall closet.]  

This is what I came up with:
*a left over ice cream cup from Little Man's birthday party
*washi tape
*fun colored sharpies
*a stray goodie bag
*some ribbon

Tear off a length of tape and stick it to a hard surface.  This will make it easier to write a message.

Simply place the tape on the cup, fill it with cookies, and slip the cup into the goodie bag.

Finish with a ribbon and there you have it!

Teacher Appreciation Day [or week] is just around the corner.  This is an easy, simple [and cost effective] way to say thank you.

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