be creative this weekend

photo challenge: 3.0/fridge art.
I really do love that Little Man brings art home for me to display.  Fridge art is the best.  This one might make it into a frame. 
next week:: happiness

Remember when we were all artists?  Find a way to be creative this weekend.  How about in the garden, the kitchen, with a camera, or maybe with sidewalk chalk?  xoxo-denise

A few links to share:

Wringing out a washcloth in space.  too cool!
A parody of the Dove beauty sketches. genius [and hilarious to boot.]

The answer to all of my LEGO organization woes?

An Airstream camper hotel in Santa Barbara?  Yes, please.  Tomorrow!

My boys are insane about Minecraft.  A 1 minute video to help explain the hype.  #minecraftcrazed

Gatsby.  Oh, so good.  May 10th.

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