find [a classic] this weekend.

photo challenge: 1.0/ books. {instagram}

I have given myself a photo challenge.  Take a photo [instagram or otherwise] each week on a given subject.  This week was books.  The Great Gatsby is soon to be released on the big screen.  I decided to re-read this classic.  It is even better than I remembered.  Funny how 20 years of life experience changes a book for a reader.
Next week:  in your closet.  {If you want to play along.}

Take time for yourself this weekend.  Watch a classic movie you have never seen before, take a walk [rain or shine] or wander around the world wide web.  Here are a few links to start with....

Take a peek at the darling dresses from the line Kate Young for Target.  {Launching 4.14}
The greatest iPhone covers I have ever seen!

An avocado seed + gold spray paint= a clever place card {or photo} holder
Create amazing, romantic pictures with a sandwich bag

Re-read a classic.  The Great Gatsby or The Sun Also Rises.
An unexpected coming of age story.  Tell the Wolves I'm Home.

A great storage idea for your accessories.
New bed linens could be the secret to a good night's sleep.

Mini treat boxes.  Perfect for a truffle, a caramel, or a few jelly beans.

AND a post you may have missed:
lessons from hot yoga  [my lessons learned in a very hot room.]


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