in the kitchen-a weekly plan

Our week was crazy busy!  Although I had my plan for dinners, obtaining the groceries to make the planned meals is essential.  I will have to do a better job next week because I was a mad woman on 3 of the nights trying to hustle to the store between drop offs and pick ups.  In the spirit of full disclosure and keeping it real, one night I resorted to chicken salad sandwiches.  So here it is.  Hope you find at least one meal for next week!

Meal 1::
I had never used pork tenderloin in stew or soup before.  It was a great change of pace.

Meal 2::
Spicy Turkey Meatloaf
I sauteed the onions, mushrooms and garlic and mixed the meatloaf in the afternoon.  After dropping off Little Man at baseball, I ran home and put it in the oven.  This was a super tasty meatloaf and the seasoned ketchup topping was a great addition.

Meal 3::
Shrimp Tacos
My dear husband loves these tacos.  {I have made them before.}  He voted this is as his favorite meal this week.  You can easily make the slaw ahead of time.  This meal comes together in a matter of minutes. 

Meal 4::
Yep. Quick and easy.  Don't judge.

Chicken Salad
Diced chicken breast [I used a rotisserie chicken from the deli.]
Red seedless grapes -sliced in half
2-3 Celery stalks-diced into bite size pieces
Pecan pieces- [If you are an overachiever you could toast them in the oven for 3-5 minutes]
1/4 cup of Poppy seed salad dressing [I used Newman's Own.]

Combine all ingredients and chill.  Serve on bread or rolls of your choice.  

Meal 5::
Beef with Snow Peas
I do want to try this recipe because it sounds delicious. [If you make it, let me know how it is!] However, I totally cheated.  If you want to "fake" it like me.....I cut flank steak super thin, used a bottle of marinade, sauteed snow peas and green onions with the steak, and served it over quinoa.  

{top image via myrecipes.com}


  1. Hey there! Made PW's Beef w/Snow Peas twice now. It's quick and easy.

    1. That is so good to hear. When I read the recipe it sound great!


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